Explore Wyre's Rich Heritage during Heritage Open Days 2023

Heritage open days 2023

The enchanting history of Wyre is poised to take centre stage as the district eagerly anticipates the annual Heritage Open Days events.

From Friday September 8, through to Sunday September 17 local residents and curious visitors alike are extended a warm invitation to join us on a captivating journey through time and unveil the hidden treasures that make Wyre a historical gem.

Heritage Open Days, a nationally celebrated event renowned for providing access to historical sites and exclusive cultural experiences, will once again take place in Wyre. This year's event promises to illuminate the district's deeply ingrained heritage and dynamic past. Attendees can anticipate exploration of bygone eras, guided walks, immersive tours, and engaging activities designed to captivate enthusiasts of all ages.

Enthusiasts are encouraged to seize the opportunity to step inside some of Wyre's most exquisite historic buildings, including the Marsh Mill, the Mount Pavilion, the Marine Hall, Rossall Point Tower, and the Lower Lighthouse at Fleetwood. The doors to these sites are thrown open, offering complimentary entry without the need for prior booking.

For those with a passion for exploration, a guided walk through the picturesque landscapes of Garstang is a must. This journey unravels 500 years of the town's rich history, allowing participants to go back in time as they trace the evolution of Poulton's railway system from its inception in 1840 to its contemporary significance on the Poulton railway heritage walk.

Nature enthusiasts and admirers of the scenic Wyre Estuary Country Park will find their interests well catered to with the 'Heritage of the Wyre Estuary' event. Delve into the past as you partake in a guided stroll around the park, listening to tales of the Wyre Estuary and its areas from the past.

Embark on an 'Autumn Migration Walk' at Rossall Point Tower. Against the backdrop of Fleetwood's promenade, participants can marvel at the wildlife inhabiting the Wyre Estuary and partake in a coastal birdwatching experience that traces the path from Rossall Point Tower, a journey that mirrors the seasonal autumn bird migration.

Councillor Lynne Bowen, the Portfolio Holder for Leisure, Health, and Community Engagement at Wyre Council, expressed her enthusiasm for the forthcoming events, stating, "This year's Heritage Open Day celebrations promise an array of enriching experiences for everyone to enjoy. With Wyre's wealth of historical venues, theatres, parks, and towns there is a variety of opportunities to engage with the rich heritage to be found across the borough and something to interest everyone.”.

For a comprehensive listing of Heritage Open Day events scheduled for this September, including those organised by Fleetwood's Civic Society, please visit www.wyre.gov.uk/hod2023

Published: 11th September 2023