Cleveleys AR Trail app

Home to a stunning series of sculptures known as the mythic coast, Cleveleys has its very own augmented reality app for people to experience an immersive digital story that brings the pieces of artwork on the beach and promenade to life. The app allows users to reveal enhanced scenes of sounds and sights through their phone and experience the tale in a new and creative way. 

Hand holding mobile phone


This Great Adventure, a digital arts company, created the interactive digital trail to bring to life the tales behind the much loved Mary’s shell, the ogre, the giant paddle, the shipwreck monument and the sea swallow sculpture. 

These five striking structures are from The Sea Swallow book, a specially commissioned children's story written by Gareth Thompson and illustrated by Hannah Magee. The Sea Swallow is a magical story based on Singleton Thorpe, a village drowned in the sixteenth century, mixed with real life stories from the people of Wyre. Join daring heroine Mary as she attempts to save her village from a sea ogre and see all she encounters along the way - from a merboy to a golden shell. 

Stephen Broadbent, creator of the seafront sculptures, and artist Hannah Megee, worked with This Great Adventure to help transform the original story book and artworks into interactive 3D media and AR art pieces. Users can follow the trail on the app which combines adapted and original illustration and animation, 3D digital art, poetry and music. 

The app is available to download for free on the App Store and Google Play